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Mollie the Sea Giraffe will do anything to see her father again, even if it means braving the unknown ocean to find him! But when she is accidentally sucked into a whirlpool and gets injured she realizes she might not be cut out for such a journey. Tired and hungry, Mollie makes unexpected friends who heal her. She returns to thank her new friends but cannot find them. Instead she finds something much greater. Mollie the Sea Giraffe is the heartwarming tale of how far a child will go to find the one they love most while learning the importance of making new friends.



“Bundee” is the perfect interactive story to teach your children the value of true friendship and how we should act toward each other. Children will delight as they join Bundee on his quest to find his friend, Bear. It is fully interactive for use with iPhone, iPad and Mac.


Happy Bundee

Journey deep into the forest green, to the world of Bundee the bunny. Not only is he the best carrot collector around, he just happens to be the richest bunny in the whole forest! There’s only one problem, Bundee has no idea that what he thinks is being a great bunny is really just being selfish. It isn’t until Bundee meets with his friend Bear in the mountains that he realizes how wrong he has been and decides to share with the others. “Happy Bundee” is an interactive story that teaches how to share and not be jealous that everyone will love and learn from.


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