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Mollie will do anything to see her father again, even if it means braving the unknown ocean to find him! But when she is accidentally sucked into a whirlpool...


Enduring tale of a young whale who loves his family and friends. Their carefree life is interrupted one day when a nearby volcano erupts and forces them apart...


Pongga is on a mission! This lovable mountain cat just learned his grandmother is very sick and only the mysterious Fruit of Life can guarantee her soul will be saved.

Happy Bundee

Journey deep into the forest green, to the world of Bundee the bunny. Not only is he the best carrot collector, he just happens to be the richest bunny in the forest!


Follow the adventures of Lalabe the giraffe as she explores the savanna of Mambawi. Lalabe is filled with life and energy but she feels lonely. She is the only giraffe in the land...


Children will delight as they join Bundee on his quest to find his friend, Bear. It is also the perfect book to teach your children the value of true friendship.

Pink Rhino

Beautifully told story of one rhino’s adventures and quest to return home to her family. Helped by her new friends, the pink rhinoceros learns about friendship.

Good Night Bo

Cheerful and heartwarming bedtime storybook of a baby parrot who loves his friends so much he has to say good night to all. Join Bo in his charming adventure!


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